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Structured Cabling Systems knows that the way we do business on the phone is changing every day, even your desk phones are different today and may not work on traditional cat3 voice networks. SCS only deploys cabling that will work today and in the future. We have extensive expertise in Voice over Internet Protocol “VoIP” phone networks and their integration into your data network. Improper wiring in theses environment will cause echoes, unwanted disconnects and expensive service calls that are unnecessary.

We also know that if your data network is not properly installed it can cost your business thousands of dollars with out you even knowing it. Slow network speed means lost time you will never get back, just because you can go on line does not mean that your wiring is allowing you maximum through-put.  Always use a certified data cabling installer not your local “phone-guy” today’s technology is unforgiving and needs to be installed right.

The peace of mind that we provide with our certified networks will make trouble shooting your Voice, Data, and Video services efficient and cost productive




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